Welcome to our Company

We are experts in the field of thermal insulation of mechanical services. This is in commercial, industrial, food processing, and pharmaceutical facilities. A list of some of the things we insulate and finish are: ducts, pipes, boilers, tanks, generators, breechings, heat exchangers, chillers, pumps, diesel mufflers, etc... We have worked on serveral LEEDs compliant projects. Our Company is based with a solid reputation of expert client services. The majority of our client base are repeat customers. We are very proud of the relationships we have forged with our clients, many of whom come direct to us for their insulation needs. ‚Äč Our abilities to complete tasks under a compressed schedule have been tested time and time again and our dependability has let no client down. In today's construction we credit this to our staff of team players and their drive to succeed. We hire strictly within Local 95 Heat and Frost Insulators. As well as being memebrs of the MIA (Master Insulators Association), Ontario General Contractors Association, IHSA, and Contractor Check.

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